Bandra and South Mumbai

While in Mumbai I was lucky enough to stay in Bandra which is a metropolitan area with lots of ex-pats and Bollywood stars living in apartments here.

We caught short Tuk Tuk rides to a few handicraft and homeware stores, Freedom Tree and The Shop, the local fruit and vege  market are also close by. 

We ate out at an amazing fusion style resturant One Street Over which was super hip and delish, with amazing cocktails as well. 
I then went out for a day to South Mumbai over the sea-link which is a new bridge linking the city to the south, you pay a small toll so it isn’t overly busy. 

First stop after Dharvali (see separate post) was a stop to view slum that is centred around washing laundry for hotels and resturants in the area. A piece of laundry is hand-washed at a charge of 20 rupees, approx. $0.44 NZD in the river that runs through the slum. Laundry is then dried and also ironed if needed, before been delivered back to the hotel/resturant. 

We then had lunch at Leopolds Cafe, famous from the book Shantaram, visited India Gate and Gandhi’s house – which was great as it details Ghandi’s impressive life and history of India. 

If I had more time I would ferry out to Elephanta Island from India Gate as there are cave temples that have been carved from rock on the island. Awesome!

I have a slight obsession with the trucks here, each one is decorated individually front, sides and backs. The trucks on the way to Agra even had tassels on the them which I loved – sadly I wasn’t fast enough to get any snaps. The majority of signage is handprinted which I love. So detailed!


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