Amer Fort, Jaipur

While in Jaipur I ventured out to the Amer (Amber) Fort or Palace. This was my favourite site in Jaipur, which sits upon a large hill with stunning views back to Jaipur township. 

I hired a guide, which I would totally recommend for this site as there is so much history involved and individually designed sections of the palace. A Bollywood movie Jodha Akbah was even filmed there!

The Palace was built in consultation with an architect and astrologer and is made of white marble and stone, with designs carved out or dyed with natural colours from the area of Jaipur. And is quite unusual in that it has details typical of Mulim design and Hindi design.

The Palace allows for a women’s only quarter so the Royal ladies could live out of sight of the Royal men and commoners, as well as the King and Queens quarters which was made of mirrored tile. 

Back in the day the servants would light lamps which was reflected by the thousands of mirrored tiles – creating what appeared to be thousands of tiny stars. 

Today the palace has been restored and a lot of areas are roped off to prevent any further damage. 

After the tour I then went to a factory/store where amazing fabrics, saris, pashminas etc. are made and sold. This store also had the best semi-precious stones I saw in Jaipur. There is a palm reader who was amazingly accurate and told me which stones to purchase for maximum benefit. Needless to say I spent a lot of money there! 😜😜

It’s really common to be offered cold or hot drinks at most stores where you browse for purchases – coke,  chai or tea and water are the most common beverages offered. It’s considered to be quite rude if you don’t accept beverages as the shop sellers like you to feel comfortable and at home when you browse, and I assume so you spend a bit longer in store to spend a few more rupees ✌🏼️

The highlight of my day was as we were driving away from the palace I saw a wild peacock flying down the mountain – I didn’t even know that peacocks are able to fly! Peacocks are the official national bird of India, and are really beautiful in the wild.


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