Serious Smoothies

My pal Simon Lowe launched a great new initiative this week – Serious Smoothies. Tasty, healthy pre-packed frozen smoothies, all natural with no preservatives, yay! 

Incredibly easy to use – you literally tip the ingredients into your blender, add coconut water or water – and tada, your done! So easy for people on the go, and when you are rushing out the door but want something to start your day off right.

Currently available in three flavours. Kickstart – mango, banana, cashews, spinach, lime juice. Immunity – blueberry, banana, almonds, flaxseed, date. Fighting Fit – strawberry, banana, acidophilus yogurt, chia seed, goji berry.

So good! I’m a big fan of smoothies and this makes life so easy. Blend and go. I’ll be keeping a few packs in my freezer for sure : )

Available from the frozen section of your local supermarket here in New Zealand.

My favourite so far is Kickstart, I blended it up before hitting the gym this morning.


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